Parents always want to make sure they do their absolute best to protect their precious little ones.

We can secure power plugs, use stair gates, put paddings on sharp corners, use child safety locks and so on. But the best way is to always keep an eye on them, isn’t it? This way we can properly react to their ‘I need a kiss & cuddle’ cries or any other more serious reasons. There are a lot of different baby gadgets available today but we don’t actually need to use most of them.

This is close to the truth, but not when you have a baby and your immediate ‘love & protect’ mission kicks in, you need all you can get! Yes, you and your partner need more than two pairs of eyes on them. It may seem like your little one is a bit unsteady on its legs, but all of a sudden you see your baby moving so quickly!

Make sure that their room is always monitored. Use your baby monitor with wifi and screen from day 0 until you feel comfortable enough to leave your little one in the room without a need for absolute supervision.

Video and audio monitors, baby monitors with wifi,

are made for parents to sit and relax, have an eye on 1 or more children’s rooms for sleep & play and, at the same time, to be able to react properly and immediately when needed. Small cameras should be installed on the flat surfaces in the baby’s room allowing you and your baby to hear and see each other at the same time.

Plus, you might get a touch screen with the options for tilt or zoom in. Even if you switch off lights in your baby’s room, night vision will allow you to have a clear image of what is going on in there. You do not have to sneak around and wake up your little one with the open-close door just to make sure everything is fine there.

Wireless network monitors are a good option for parents who want to have their phones, computers or tablets as a receiver, using available wireless networks. Some of these monitors have options to send you notifications if some specific changes occur in the noise or movement in the baby’s room.

Bringing a new baby product home means that you need to make sure to use it safely.

Baby Monitor Reviews

Think about power cords, where you will install it and the best way to hide them from kids. Especially when it comes to the installation of the cameras in the baby’s room. Make sure it is out of their reach and away from the crib. Now you know that putting a camera in the crib is not a good idea at all. Having movement monitors does not mean your baby will be protected from SIDS. American Academy of Pediatrics, together with the National Health Institute of Health do not recommend these monitors as a SIDS prevention.

Choose wisely!

If your best friend is more than happy with the movement monitor, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you (or that it will be the best option for your needs). First of all, your house and walls are different from their house. You are a different person so your personal needs are different.

You can listen and take into consideration advice from experienced parents, but at the end of the day, the decision is yours to make. Look forward to having beautiful moments captured on camera, ones you might easily miss without it, like wide smiles or murmuring, hands clapping or even a first word! But be ready for those, not that nice, but happy to be spotted on time like fever cry, throwing up in their sleep, or seeing your baby’s face covered somehow, which needs immediate action.

Once your little one is ready for taking off the one side of the crib, you will have to start monitoring more seriously what your baby is doing. It means you might use your monitor longer than you might have thought at the beginning. Some baby monitors have the option to watch multiple rooms at the same time by using a special application.

Since we are all different and cope with life challenges in a different way, some parents do not like monitors at all. They thrust themselves only. This is also fine.

We live in a modern world. World of the smart technology, robots, and smart houses. Tomorrow, we will have, not just smart houses, but smart cities. Using smart technology in your favor is nothing but a smart move.

Evoz Glow Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

  • You can easily set up the monitor.
  • It supports both iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Pictures and videos of your baby can be pulled from the app and shared.
  • You will receive a message whenever your baby is crying.
  • The app automatically stores necessary information about your baby.
  • You can actually pet your baby to sleep with some of the lullabies the monitor offers.
  • Your parents and friends can have temporary access to the monitor with your permission.
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Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3.5″ with Two Cameras

The crystal clear high quality video and audio of this baby monitor will prevent any confusion about baby movement or sound. You can choose up to four cameras that have a wide angle view, which allows you to see your nursery room from any angle.

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Video Baby Monitor with Remote-Controlled Camera

  • You will watch your baby wirelessly
  • priceless two-way communication
  • video on crying
  • your new baby monitor is expandable, up to 4 cameras total
  • you can use it up to 900 feet
  • 4.3” LCD screen is just big enough
  • up to 9 hours of battery life
  • it has 2.5 GHz digital technology
  • day & night vision brings bright videos
  • color temperature mode can be helpful too!
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