Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3.5″ with Two Cameras

Babysense’s video monitor offers two cameras to keep an eye on your baby from every angle.

With a 3.5 inch viewing screen, you can check on your baby easily and clearly with our color display monitor. This baby monitor is equipped with night vision, talk back ability, room temperature monitoring, the ability to play lullabies and more.

With a long battery life, parents can sleep easily and calmly knowing that their baby is safe and sound asleep.

The long range of this baby monitor means you can be outside of the house and be able to watch your little one. You can be gardening or relaxing on your porch soundly and the Babysense baby monitor will alert you if your little angel awakens in their nursery. Choose this affordable, advance, and safe baby monitor for your parent needs today to ensure your little angel is sound asleep.

This monitor is everything a parent needs for a baby nursery that provides video, audio, and a 2-way compatibility to check up on your infant.
The two-way audio feature is innovative 2019 technology that gives parents the option to sing lullabies and soothe their baby back to sleep – giving parents and their baby a better quality of sleep altogether. Equipped with a wide selection of lullabies the babysense baby monitor is perfect for busy moms and dads.

The crystal clear high quality video and audio

The crystal clear high quality video and audio of this baby monitor will prevent any confusion about baby movement or sound. You can choose up to four cameras that have a wide angle view, which allows you to see your nursery room from any angle. Using rechargeable battery with a power cable, there is no need to change countless batteries for this monitor, making it even easier to use everyday.

Your baby will have the best care possible

Along with songs and lullabies for sleep, this monitor can even play white noise and background sound to help your baby sleep soundly. The 3.5 inch HD and LCD display video angle viewing lens is perfect for couples to check-in on their infant with the ability to zoom in 2x on any camera that is set up in the room. With high quality night vision display and temperature alerts, your baby will have the best care possible.

The extra long battery life

This premium baby monitor camera, with all it’s lenses, is one of the top rated and best quality monitor’s on the market. The extra long battery life of this device will make parent’s lives easier, and you will not have to worry about charging this monitor often – allowing you to check up on your child regularly and reliably. Try the babysense video monitor for a calming and comforting experience as your child grows.

Every parent wants to be in peace knowing that the baby is safe and sound asleep every night, and this baby monitor does just that. There is no need in trying to see blurry and unclear video feedback from other low quality baby monitor devices, babysense is the best high quality camera and monitor of 2019.