Evoz Glow Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Have you been looking for a way to closely monitor your baby at any time no matter where you are? Well the Evoz Baby Monitor may just be the thing you need. The only thing you need to do is to set it up near your baby and adjust the camera to suit your preferred views. You can then download it’s mobile app on your smartphone. Whether it’s an iOS or an Android phone, the monitor supports both.

This is how it works

Set it up in the room where your baby is. Download its app from App Store and install it on your phone. It is as easy as that. The monitor is smart enough to differentiate your baby’s cry from any other noise in the room and will notify you with a text message when your little angel begins to cry. You can view your baby at anytime through the app, even when you are not at home. Nothing gives mothers more pleasure than that. Find some great features of the product below.

Sings lullabies

This product has nice and soothing lullabies that can be played, which help in putting your baby to sleep. In case you notice that your baby suddenly wakes up and you want to send him/her back to sleep, you can just play a couple of songs and watch your baby sleep off.

It records your baby’s sleep schedule

According to its design, your baby’s cry times are automatically recorded. It’s able to give you your baby’s sleep schedule in case his/her pediatrician needs it. However, sleep and wake times are not the only information it stores. The monitor can also keep track of your baby’s feedings, diaper changes, and the room temperature.

It allows you to share your baby’s pictures and videos

One of the most difficult urges to resist is to share your baby’s videos or pictures and with this product you don’t have to resist the urge. You can store the videos and photos directly from the app to your phone and share them with family and friends. Nothing compares to the joys of motherhood.

You can also invite your parents to the show
The app allows you to invite parents, friends, and caregivers temporary access to the monitor. You can let your dad and mom have a glimpse of their grandchild.

It has a wider angle lens

With its wide angle HD lens, it will give you a wider view of your baby and their surroundings. In addition, its infrared LEDs will give you clear night vision so you can watch your baby anytime and from anywhere.

Things you will love about the monitor
  • You can easily set up the monitor.
  • It supports both iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Pictures and videos of your baby can be pulled from the app and shared.
  • You will receive a message whenever your baby is crying.
  • The app automatically stores necessary information about your baby.
  • You can actually pet your baby to sleep with some of the lullabies the monitor offers.
  • Your parents and friends can have temporary access to the monitor with your permission.

Things you may not like about the product

  • The monitor may drain your phone’s battery.
  • It does not come with any hand-held device so you have to use your smartphone.

Final Verdict

As a matter of fact, it’s two drawbacks are not major ones. If it had an additional hand-held device, it would have been much more expensive. Every monitoring device drains batteries so you may limit your usage to preserve your phone’s battery. All great products have a couple of cons but their pros far outnumber and outweigh their cons just like this Evoz Glow Wi-Fi baby monitor so it is a great product that offers real value.