Video Baby Monitor with Remote-Controlled Camera

Video Baby Monitor with Remote-Controlled Camera and 4.3″ Screen by Axvue, Blue, Model E9650-B

Axvue is a world leading brand when it comes to the baby’s safety. With over 10 years of experience in this field, Axvue is caring for parent’s and baby’s needs by sharing their best product made with love with you.

This Video Baby Monitor is one of the best in the world safety device for you

your baby or an old person that you need to care for. Package contains two contemporary designed cameras and one portable monitor that’s built with 4.3” widescreen, stereo, temperature digits display, kick-standing, sound-activating lights bar, two way communication parents – baby and baby – parents, video on crying and magnification. Product is made for parents to relax and say goodbye to all the stress caused by not being able to stand by the baby’s crib all the time.

To summarize all the benefits of purchasing your new monitor:
  • You will watch your baby wirelessly
  • priceless two-way communication
  • video on crying
  • your new baby monitor is expandable, up to 4 cameras total
  • you can use it up to 900 feet
  • 4.3” LCD screen is just big enough
  • up to 9 hours of battery life
  • it has 2.5 GHz digital technology
  • day & night vision brings bright videos
  • color temperature mode can be helpful too!

Pan & tilt camera, together with the LCD screen gives a clear picture of your baby and it’s surrounding.
If needed, you can expand your system up to 4 cameras to cover all of the rooms and places you want. As a part of this product, you have integrated loudspeaker and microphone on all unites (baby and parent), so you can interact with your baby easily at any time.

Choose whether you want to view each camera manually, or you might rather see all of them periodically. This is up to your personal preferences.

You do not need WiFi or any other application pre installed in order to use your new gadget. What you get is a real time and immediate audio and video access. Baby monitor comes with a thermometer and the color slightly changes when temperature is dropping. If not the favorite one, this might be one of the best gadgets you ever had so far. Safe and sound baby means a happier parent.